Ready to Scale your Agency?

Your profit is our priority

Who's this for?


If you're just looking to add a few new clients or just looking for leads, this isn't for you. 


This program is for Marketing and Creative Agencies that are ready to scale massively.

Here's how we're different

(more than lead gen)

  • Sales Support

    Get Sales Training or you can hire our Sales Teams when you're really really scale!

  • White Label

    Don't want to hire your own staff?


    We'll connect you with our trusted White Label Partners.

  • Unlimited Design

    All of our clients get free access to our team of awesome designer, no charge. 

  • Support Galore

    Not only are we focused on landing clients for your Agency, we're available to review the campaigns you're running at anytime.

Find The Plan For Your Agency

Starter Plan


Billed Monthly

(no $$ for ad spend needed)

Audience Creation

Outreach Via Sales Navigator

Copy Writing for Messages

We Manage All Conversations

Unlimited Design

Access to our copywriting team

White label Connections as needed

*Must have Sales Navigator*


Package Guarantee: Our service will pay for itself or we'll pause your billing until it does

Everything Plan


Billed Monthly

Everything from the Starter Plan


Facebook / IG Ads

Messenger Bot Flow

Campaign Review for your clients

Access to our copywriters

Landing Pages as needed


Package Guarantee:

$30,000 in 90 Days (full details below)

Our Guarantee

(Everything Plan)

You will make $30,000 in 90 days or your money back


By signing up for this program you agree to these terms:


You're responsible to show up on time to all booked appointments. The calendar will by synced with your schedule.


In some cases the amount of revenue generated in 90 days will not equal $30,000 collected if you've extended payment plans. It's your job to collect on the payment plans and deliver your service to ensure you do.


In other cases you could be selling something that's recurring revenue, say $2000 a month. We can agree on the amount of clients landed what will be deemed a success as a result of the campaign. Example: 5 Clients = $10,000 per month in newly generated revenue. 


You're responsible for all software and advertising costs

Advertising budget suggestion: $20 / day. If you can afford more, spend more than this.

Software needed

Manychat - $10 / Month

Zapier - $20 / Month

LinkedIn Sales Navigator account


SMS provider - Select any that links with Zapier

Kartra if you want the email flow shown in the video


What Others Are Saying..


*2017 Conversion Rates Across All Industries

2.35% - Average 
5.31% - 2x Average - Top 25% (Awesome)
11.45%+ - 5x Average - Top 10% (Unicorns)*

The above conversion rates came from analyzing thousands of AdWords accounts with a combined annual spend of $3 billion.

20%+ - 8x Average - This is the conversion rate I consistently get using a compelling offer and Jared's landing page template.

I've been an online marketer for 12 years and tested 100's of landing page templates. Jared's landing page template has consistently provided great results across multiple industries. This landing page template is worth $1,000's in value." - Chris B

*Data provided by WordStream.


Jared is a very integral part of my strategic team.  He is a brilliant strategist and understands how Adwords can make a huge impact to a company’s bottom line.  

His understanding of sales and marketing runs deep.  Because of what I learned from him, I will more than double my income this year.

Andre F.